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Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Claim IT scales to meet your evolving needs. Gain insights that drive operational decisions, optimise resource utilisation, and enhance operational processes – all with the power of our next-gen Claim IT solution.

Unlock Success with Claim. Transform Your Company's Dynamic.

Effortless Individual ManagementEmpower yourself with Claim's intuitive features to manage projects, employees, contractors, leave requests, and timesheets effortlessly. From project oversight to efficient collaboration and personal time management, Claim puts the control in your hands, ensuring a seamless and organized approach to your diverse responsibilities within the company ecosystem.
Effortless Financial WorkflowNavigate financial processes effortlessly with Claim's robust invoice management. From streamlined claim approvals to prompt client and contractor invoicing, our tools ensure transparency and efficiency, enhancing your overall financial experience.
Comprehensive Contract ControlEffortlessly handle all facets of your contracts with Claim's powerful suite, covering salary management, rate customization, meticulous contract oversight, and detailed reporting. Navigate through the intricacies of contract management with precision, flexibility, and insightful reporting, ensuring a seamless and organized approach to optimize your company's contractual agreements.
Company-Wide Advantages with ClaimClaim brings efficiency, transparency, and productivity to your company. Experience streamlined management, cost savings, improved transparency, and scalable growth, making Claim the catalyst for your success.
Multi TenantSeamlessly extend your reach across Android, iOS, and web platforms as Claim IT ensures secure, independent spaces for each tenant through content sandboxing. Empower multiple companies with the flexibility and reliability of Claim.
Multi RolesClaim embraces a multi-roles approach, acting as an umbrella for practitioners, managers, and administrators. Tailored functionalities ensure each user type efficiently manages their responsibilities under a unified platform, streamlining company operations.
Security by designSafeguard your operations with Claim IT's fortified measures, including protected accounts with MFA, platform RBAC, content sandboxing, cloud-native integration, robust data encryption, and a regimen of regular security audits, backups, and updates.
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DashboardUsers can effortlessly manage claimed hours and initiate new claims, while managers and administrators have the ability to claim hours on behalf of others.
ClaimUsers can view an overview of claimed hours, add new claims, and managers/administrators can claim on behalf of other users.
InvoicesContractors and administrators can seamlessly create, send, and manage invoices, facilitating easy tracking of payment statuses.
Projects and TeamThe app displays enrolled projects and team information, allowing administrators to create projects, establish contracts, and manage three project types: ongoing, done, and incomplete, providing comprehensive control over all contracts for projects or employees with in-depth insights into individual user details.
ReportsCrucial for administrators, it provides various overviews, including hours worked per project and leave requests, ensuring a comprehensive company overview.
Leave and TravelThe app facilitates the sending and management of travel reports and expenses, while users efficiently handle their leave requests, with administrators seamlessly approving these requests.
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StarsI312"Since switching to Claim IT, managing my cloud practice is a dream! It's so easy to use, forecasting, and all it’s AI based tools! Also the 24/7 support is fantastic."
Alexandru PrunescuCloud Practice Lead
StarsI312"We simply love Claim IT! It's automated invoicing saved my team hours! AI-powered profitability reports deliver game-changing insights. We can finally see what's truly driving our service business."
Roxana LunguCFO
StarsI312"Claim IT's a game-changer for operational health! Instant reports give me real-time insights, and AI suggestions help us optimize workflows. My team's more efficient, and I can make data-driven decisions. Claim IT keeps us ahead of the curve!"
Sandu BabasanTech Entrepreneur


How Can Claim Help Streamline Project Management?
With Claim IT, services companies can efficiently track project costs and generate detailed usage and profitability reports. Additionally, team members can easily create timesheets for approval by project managers.
What Cost-saving Opportunities Does Claim Offer?
Struggling with a maze of invoicing software, time-tracking apps, and separate reporting tools? Claim IT cuts through the clutter! It automates these tasks, eliminates redundant subscriptions, streamlines your workflow for major cost savings, and empowers your service business with a powerful, all-in-one solution.
How Does Claim Ensure Data Security?
Claim IT safeguards your service data! Multi-layered access, encryption & secure cloud ensure info remains protected. We prioritize compliance (GDPR, HIPAA) & continuous updates to shield against threats. User education & incident response empower your team. Focus on service, Claim IT secures the rest.
Can Claim Adapt to Different Company Sizes?
Claim IT grows with you! From nimble startups (<10) to established enterprises, Claim IT flexes to fit your service business. Our all-in-one platform streamlines tasks like invoicing, reporting, and time tracking, regardless of team size. This translates to increased efficiency and cost savings for businesses of all scales. Focus on growth, Claim IT handles the growing pains.
What Support Options are Available for Users?
From startups (<10) to established enterprises, Claim IT flexes to fit your service business. Our platform streamlines tasks like invoicing, reporting, and time tracking, regardless of team size. This translates to increased efficiency and cost savings for businesses of all scales. But Claim IT doesn't stop there! We understand the importance of having support whenever you need it, that's why we offer 24/7 assistance to all our users, existing and future. Focus on growth, Claim IT handles the growing pains and provides peace of mind with round-the-clock support.
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